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2020 was gonna be my year, I swear! I had things planned, people to see and so much things I looked forward to do. But that little thing called COVID-19 ruined it for myself and everyone on the planet. With that being said, here is what I had planned for 2020 before COVID was a thing..

I want everyone out there to know three things about me:

  1. I love a good beer.
  2. In my eyes - a night isn't complete without music or dancing.
  3. I'm a bad dancer.

A place that has all those things and then some more is the great city of New Orleans. I was planning to go in April with a few good friends and stay in the French Quarter. The city has such a lively attitude with an imaginary black eye (who doesn't love a good black eye story). If there was a city out there I could live only 3 weeks out of the year. You bet I'd be in the Big Easy.

What is a summer without a concert?!?! The answer for that is, misery. Cold depressing misery. I know that because I'm living through it right now and it's killing me. ALT 1017 and listeners were suppose to broadcasting and hanging out at Hangout Music Festival 2020 in Gulf Shores. I would lick the bottom of coach Saban's foot to see a decent concert during these times.

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