I think this past week has shown a lot of things about Americans coast to coast. With the George Floyd murder, people of non-color are opening their eyes to the injustice that has surrounded the black and brown Americans for the past 400 years.

There have been peaceful protest, there have been riots and so much more. In wake of the protests, organizers have started a grass roots movement to have 'Blackout Tuesday' in which people are to post on their social media accounts an all black photo to represent the killing of George Floyd and fight for true racial justice.

Supporters of 'Blackout Tuesday' also state not to put the hashtag #blacklivesmatter on the post because it will flood the feed of the hashtag.

In today's age its beautiful to see people of all shapes, sizes and color come together for a common theme of love and friendship of humanity. Personally, I think this should last forever, minus the riots and looters. Years of systematic oppression and stolen dignity have forever scarred black men, women and children living in America today.

Be of service, be a sensible person, use your words and don't be nervous, you can do this you have purpose, find your medicine and use it.

Roll Tide.

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