Within the next 30 Hours we will be greeted by Snowpalooza 2017! We're not sure how much snow we're going to get, or how long it's going to last, but we DO know that it will begin sometime in the wee hours of this morning , and be over by sometime Tomorrow Morning. We've bought our Bread, our Milk, our Eggs, & our Beer. Now, what are we supposed to do?! Simple....We RIDE it out, Baby!

In a WORST case scenario we're stuck back at the crib, for a one day "Stay-cation". So, how do we spend our time? I don't know about you, but I know how I'm planning on killing it, which is how I've come up with: Big Noodle Lou's Top 10 Ways Of How I'm Going To Ride Out Snowpalooza 2017!

10) Sleep: Indeed, this is a GREAT time for me to catch up on some Beauty Sleep. Lord knows that I need it! So, shut off the TV, the phone, and get all comfy under your covers, and let Mr. Sandman work his MAGIC!

9) Read: Now, is an EXCELLENT time to catch up on your reading! I have stacks of books that like to read that keep me Entertained, Educated, & Inspired. However, tonight, I'm going to read something from My Lady's stack of books, just for something different. In fact, I pulled one out a little while ago which looks kind of interesting. I think it's about coloring or something. It's called, "50 Shades Of Grey."

8) Practice Making Snow Angels: In the event that we do get some significant snow accumulation, we need to be prepared to execute PERFECT Snow Angels. That is why I like to PRACTICE my Snow Angel Making Skills on my living room floor. However, it usually winds up looking like Curly of The Three Stooges!

7) Lifetime Movie Network Marathon: I don't know what it is about their movies, but once I start watching one, I just can't stop! Then, before I know it, I've watched FOUR of them in a row and EIGHT hours have gone by! Go ahead and take away my MANCARD, I don't care!.....I LOVE Lifetime Movies!

6) Call Up An Old Friend: Maybe there's a Buddy of yours that you've been meaning to have a conversation with, but you just haven't had the time. Well, Today, you have PLENTY. So, give them a call, (No text, because those are so impersonal), and catch up on GOOD TIMES!  And speaking of "GOOD TIMES", here's one of my FAVORITE Disco Tunes Of All Time!


5) Clean Your Crib: This is the PERFECT opportunity for you to get some serious cleaning done. Throwaway all those things that you've been hoarding for way too long. You really don't need that Wendy's "Where's The Beef" T-Shirt, do you? Or that VHS copy of NBC's "Friday Night Videos", Or how about that blue, "Members Only" jacket, throw those away.....Oh wait! A BLUE, MEMBERS ONLY JACKET?! Ok, THAT one stays..... 

4) Take A Long, Relaxing, Bubble Bath:  You DESERVE it, it's time to PAMPER yourself! So, fill up the tub, grab that box of "Mr. Bubble", and soak away! And if you're out of "Mr. Bubble", just eat some Mexican Food before you jump in....Trust me, it has the same EFFECT......

3) Get Romantic: Do I really need to explain THIS one?

2) Play Guitar: This is what I do anyway when I'm not working, so why should Today be any different?!  (Of course, You can substitute YOUR favorite hobby for this one.)

And, the FINAL way I, Big Noodle Lou, am going to Ride Out Snowpalooza 2017?!

1) Write A Blog: Like THIS one. :-)

There you have it. My Top 10 Ways Of How I'm Going To Ride Out Snowpalooza 2017! Hope that you're able to use some of these, or better yet, come up with your own ways on how to wait out this weather event.

And, of course for the Latest Weather Updates, Listen to Star 101.7 and keep checking mystar1017.com for any additional info.

Stay Safe!












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