Here it is, on a Rainy, Sunday Afternoon, and I'm kicking it back at The Linguini Crib. On days like to today, I like to sit on the back porch a reflect a bit. Right now, I'm thinking about what FUN I had last night, once again hosting "The Saturday Nite Regrind W/Louie Linguini Show" on Star 101.7!  It really DOES feel like the "old days", once again for me!:-)

Last night, I had a BLAST! (Like I've had with every addition of "The Regrind" since bringing it back a few months back)But what has been OVERWHELMING for me, has been the amount of support that his been shown to me since the show's return. In fact, here is just a sample, of the kind messages that I received last night on my Facebook Page, that have been sent along to me:

"My friends, if you grew up in Tuscaloosa in the 90's and listened to local radio, then you were familiar with Louie Linguini and his Saturday Nite Regrind. As a preteen/teen I tuned in almost every Saturday night. Later, in college I got the chance to work with the radio legend and, as I was just explaining to Nicole, he lived up to and beyond my expectations. All that to say that Star 101.7 has brought Louie and the Regrind back. If you've moved away, you can stream it. If you're local, you can tune in. You have no good excuse not to listen!"    Drew Clements  Coker, AL.

"Saturday night with Louie Linguini makes me feel young again.... Even if it's only for a bit."    Kristi Wyatt  Tuscaloosa, AL.

"Listen to u now in this pre thunderstorm drinkin a alabama slamer!!!! I soooo love u!!"   Brittany Payne  Buhl, AL.

"I've been listening to 101.7 and Louie Linguini is doing old school throw back... i feel like a kid back in high school .. and ive won the mom of the year award... Louie Linguini played tootsie roll and yes I did the tootsie roll in the parking lot of the mall... joleigh said "OMG MOM WHAT ARE YOU DOING, PLEASE STOP"   Amber Smothers  Jasper, AL.

These are just a few of the messages that I received on my Facebook Page, during last night's edition of "The Saturday Nite Regrind", and I TRULY appreciate them, and the ones that I've been getting every week since the show started up again. ALL of your kind words & thoughts, mean more to me than you'll ever know.


Much Luv, Big Noodle Lou :-)


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