While I was on the air today for my afternoon show,  I started CRAVING some LOS TARASCOS! For whatever reason, I had heard ALL day long, folks talking about going to Los Tarascos to eat. And all this talk about Los Tarascos got me HUNGRY!

So, I figured as soon as I got off the air, I would drive over to the restaurant, and order my favorite dish from them, which is The Chicken Enchilada Verde, Rice, & Chicken Quesadilla entrée. Of course, I'd be ordering some Chips & White Queso too!

As I was pulling out of the radio station, and driving over to the restaurant, my mouth started literally WATERING  at the thought of sitting down inside the restaurant, and DEVOURING my delicious dinner.

From here, I'll let the video tell the rest of the story....


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