Authorities in North Alabama spent the evening chasing a woman who went for a swim in what may be the wildest spot I've ever seen.

I came across a post on Facebook last night that literally (and this is not hyperbole) made my jaw drop, so OF COURSE I had to share it with all y'all.

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This is the story of the Wild and Wet Water Tank Woman.

Authorities in Athens (just outside of Huntsville) were called to a water tower off (and I am not making this up) Elm Street after a woman scaled a fence and climbed SEVENTY FEET up a water tower.

This particular water tower had just been repainted, and the hatch on top was left unsecured which made it possible for the woman to just jump in and proceed to go for a swim inside the 350,000 gallon tank.

A retired Athens Police Officer was nearby and contacted the APD who then came out to the scene along with firefighters and employees from the local water department. Two firefighters climbed the tank and were able to convince the woman to come out, securing her with a harness before climbing the SEVENTY FEET to the ground.

Authorities say the woman was transported to a local hospital for a mental evaluation.

Water crews in Athens now have to drain the water tank, remove any debris, and sanitize everything. Luckily, they do not anticipate any impact on the current water supply within the city.

Why do you think she went for a dip in the water tank? I would like to think it was some kind of dare from her friends, but who knows?

I certainly hope the water tank woman gets the help she needs, as mental health is no laughing matter.

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