We're almost at that point ladies and gentleman. However a lot of people might get the guess wrong. Many might say that's almost time for Alabama Football.

For me personally, it's something way more fun, for me at least. It's once again time for Million Dollar Band to take center stage in Bryant-Denny. And after last year, I can't wait to see what they have in store in terms of performances.

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You'll note last that year, the band was unable to have the full group in the stands due to COVID-19, which was a tiny bit frustrating to say the least. However, this year is completely different, as stadiums will be full with the Crimson Tide faithful.

Which means pregame and halftime performances are back on, and I've never been more excited to see them. Last year just felt weird without the performances right? I can't be the only one sitting there silently cursing 2020 for taking away most of the fun of football games.

I'm excited mostly for the freshman who last year weren't given the true MDB experience because believe me, there's nothing like your first true Alabama Crimson Tide football game as a member of the MDB.

The chills you get when the crowd goes wild during the Big Bama spell out really are just too difficult to describe. So it's about time we get back to normal, and let these new freshman (and returning sophomores!) take in the true experience of an Alabama gameday.

But until that happens, how about a little hype video?

And of course what the Elephant Stomp looks like when the quad is rocking:

And yes because we all miss it:

Everybody get ready, the curtain is about to lift and it'll be showtime soon!

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