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I'm not much of a conspiracy theory sort of guy, but I think there's a case I might have solved regarding the UA students.

I've been to college and have done a lot of stupid things during my duration of 'higher academia'. But for some reason, I feel like the students here in town have been pushing the limits of their liver and their behaviors. I don't really blame them either, there's been a pandemic, killer hornets, possible WW3 and a new Nickelback album. Times are tough to say the least.

I recently started going out to the bars again (because there is so much Netflix to watch in a day before I go stir crazy). I've been noticing the craziness and recklessness of the students on a whole different level. Yes -- it's entertaining and great to watch a student tuck and roll out of a car, but they definitely cranked up the litty switch this semester.

Even if it's simple as not wearing a mask, the demeanor of from the students on campus have changed on Friday and Saturday nights. They have been more reckless then I have ever seen -- it's like watching college kids portray movie scenes from 'Jackass'  the movie. More fights on The Strip, the level of  bottle littering is up for sure and the vandalism is more noticeable then ever. Maybe I'm just seeing the dark side of The Strip, but I can tell you -- it's not pretty.

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