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In my life, I've been a huge football fan and player. I played 1st grade all the way up to graduation my senior year. Being around players and coaches is fantastic. Brotherhood, friendship and memories. Somethings players and coaches did on and off the field ticked me off though. It still bugs me today and all of it still happens. I'll fill you in on it.

Playing football in Nebraska was a treat, it's just like the Alabama culture. It's a religion. People honor and praise college football like it's the freakin' virgin Mary. But going unseen by the public, is the Primma Madonna attitude and self entitlement these players hold themselves too - that other people have to deal and put up with. They walk over people who adore them, and belittle fans of their own trade daily. The fact is, they are idolizing themselves. Not caring about fans, coworkers and so much more. When is enough, enough?

Living here in Alabama I've met and sat down with a crap ton of former players. Out of the 30-40 players I've met. Only two were humble, normal and had 0 ego. Glen Coffee and John Parker Wilson. The reason why they were so normal? Football didn't define them nor their character of their heart. Glen and John are family men, doing things other 'normal' people do. Having an ounce of humility is the only thing everyone on this planet needs spiritual.

The athletes are people JUST LIKE YOU. So don't give them the power.

Roll Tide

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