Over the past few years, most parents have heard other parents state their beliefs that certain ailments affecting their children were caused by vaccinations. For some,it may have caused enough of a concern for them to decide not to vaccinate their children.

As a matter of fact, according to the Associated Press, an estimated 100,000 young children have not had a vaccination against any of the diseases for which shots are recommended. However, that 100,000 only accounts for approximately 30% of young children.

What's odd is that the percentages increase for older children, as about 95% of those kindergarten-age are fully vaccinated.

Most school systems require immunization records for entering children. So, is this why older children are being vaccinated? Are those children who aren't vaccinated home schooled, or are special provisions made for them?

Are your children vaccinated? If you had to do it over again, would you vaccinate your children? What are your thoughts?

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