Today Alt 1017 officially became WQRR-FM. What's the deal with the new call sign?

With a new format comes a new call sign, and I wanted to choose something with a special meaning.

I finally chose WQRR because it reminds me of WQ4R, my late grandfather's HAM radio call sign. My grandfather taught me everything I know about broadcasting (and football), and he's the reason I am where I am today.

I remember visiting him as a teenager and telling him I wanted to be a DJ after I had listened to the Alternative radio station in Birmingham. Instead of laughing at the career aspirations of a 14-year-old, he took the time to show me the correct way to talk into a microphone. When I started my first paid radio gig on a station in Kentucky, he recorded my show and played it back later while giving me pointers on how to be a better broadcaster.

He passed away in November of 2016, and I said my final goodbye to him on Veteran's Day--which was fitting, as he was a decorated Marine who volunteered for three tours of duty in Vietnam.

It's only fitting that today, Vietnam Veteran's Day, is the day we make the change. I miss him so much, and I hope I am making him proud.

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