Last Night, I wrote about "11 Crazy Alabama State Laws That You Might Not Know About". In case you missed it, you can read it HERE

However, after digging in a little deeper, and by popular public demand, I have discovered "10 MORE Crazy Alabama State Laws". Pay close attention to these, because if you don't, you could be in violation of THE LAW!

10) In Montgomery, It Is Considered An Offense To Open An Umbrella On A Street, For Fear Of Spooking Horses. Horses? I thought this law was passed, for fear of spooking our Lazy State Legislators into actually doing some work!

9) Also In Montgomery, It Is Unlawful To Wear Women’s Pumps With Sharp, High Heels. Then what the hell am I supposed to wear at this year's Prom?! My Sharp, High-Heeled Pumps, are the only shoes I have that match with my Strapless Formal Gown!

8) And Speaking Of Dresses, In Montgomery, Women May Not Wear A ‘Lewd Dress’ In Public.  Obviously, somebody forgot to tell The Ladies over at The Montgomery Walmart about THIS one!

7) Another One In Montgomery, It Is Illegal To Howl At Ladies Within The City Limits.This is why you NEVER see ANY Werewolves roaming the streets of Montgomery...They've already been all arrested! 

6) It Is Also Illegal In Montgomery, To Spray "Silly String" In Public. Luckily for me, I decided to buy cans of "Somber String" instead, so I should be good....

5) In Huntsville, If An Animal Control Officer Is In Uniform, It Signifies To The Public That He Is Indeed An Animal Control Officer. So, if someone is actually IMPERSONATING an Animal Control Officer, as long as they're wearing the uniform, they're considered LEGIT?!

4) Dominoes May Not Be Played On Sunday. Well, Thank God I'm still able to order their PIZZA on that day....

3) It Is Illegal To Sell Peanuts In Lee County After Sundown On Wednesday. Are you kidding me?!  Why, That's Crazy!...That's Insane!.....That's, uhhhh.....NUTS!!!

2) It Is Illegal For A Driver To Be Blindfolded While Operating A Vehicle. Howeverwhat if the blindfolded person driving the car is already blind? Can he be tried for the same crime twice? Or would this be considered a case of, "Double Jeopardy"?

1) In Auburn, Men Who Deflower Virgins, Regardless Of Age Or Marital Status, May Face Up To Five Years In Jail. Luckily for us, there is no chance of this ever happening, because there are NO VIRGINS IN AUBURN!....BADDA-BING!!!


And there you have it! "10 More Crazy Alabama State Laws". If you want to see MORE, read about them HERE

Once again, I reiterate, if you get caught violating ANY of these laws, don't be calling me at 3:00  In The Morning!....Because I am NOT coming down to The Jailhouse to bail you out! :-)


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