It's True! In Alabama, If you're caught sticking an Ice Cream Cone in your back pocket, you could be THROWN IN JAIL! This is just ONE of the CRAZY state Alabama Laws that you may, or may not know about. Here are a few more you should know about which could help keep you out of an "Alabama Slammer!"

10) You Must Have Windshield Wipers On Your Car.  This is probably a good one. There are enough crazy drivers on the road to begin with. Anything that makes the roadways safer, the better.

9) Putting Salt On A Railroad Track Can Be Punishable By Death. Reason why? Back in the day when this law was written, our lawmakers felt that putting salt on railroad tracks would cause Cattle to climb onto the tracks, and cause collisions with trains! Making this illegal is probably wise, but the punishment is a bit EXTREME, I think.

8) Wearing A Fake Mustache In Church Is Illegal Because It Could Cause Laughter. What happens if a REAL mustache causes laughter? Can you be thrown in jail for that, too! Or do you just get a Warning Citation? Inquiring minds want to know!

7) It's Illegal To Impersonate A Priest. This might be a tough one to enforce. There are plenty of TV Evangelists who could be thrown in jail for this infraction. Maybe that's why none of them are in Alabama, because they know that they'll be arrested!

6) In Case Of Divorce, Women Are Entitled To Keep All Of The Property They Owned Before The marriage. However, This Law Doesn't Apply To Men.  20 Bucks says that a WOMAN wrote this bill....

5) It's Perfectly Legal To Drive Down A One-Way Street The Wrong Way, As Long As You Have A Lantern Attached To The Front Of Your Vehicle. So, the next time you're downtown celebrating after an Alabama Football Victory, make sure you strap a LANTERN to your front bumper, and drive down any street you want!...Go ahead, It's LEGAL!

4) In Mobile, Bathing In City Fountains Is Not Allowed. But what if I'm down there, and all of a sudden I'm in the mood to impersonate a Pigeon?....What the hell am I supposed to do, then?!

3) It Is Illegal To Flick Boogers Into The Wind.  I imagine that The Authorities have their Hands FULL with THIS law down in AUBURN....

2) Bear Wrestling Matches Are Illegal. This is an OUTRAGE! What if The Bear INSULTS me, and picks a FIGHT with me, first?! I'm not going to let him get away with it! I have a RIGHT to defend myself! And with my YEARS of watching The WWE, I know PLENTY of Wrestling Moves that I could execute! So, BRING IT ON! I'll just SLAP him in the chest, HIT him over the head with a CHAIR, and apply A "FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK" on him!....WOOOOOOO!!!

1) It's Illegal To Wear A Mask In Public. Well, My Lady sometimes forces me to wear a "John Stamos" mask whenever I'm trying to get "Romantic" with her. I guess as long as I do this in the privacy of our own home, I'm ok, right?.....


And there you are! 11 Crazy Alabama Laws you NEED to know about, to help prevent you from spending an evening at The "Gray-Bar Hotel". Please don't get caught violating ANY of these, because if you do....I'm NOT coming to bail you out! :-)

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