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Warrant Issued to Odell Beckham for slapping cop on the butt
Honestly, I really don't care that he did what he did.
The cop was being a jerk for telling the 2020 National Champions NOT to smoke a victory cigar after beating Clemson this past Monday.
How lame do you gotta be to ruin or rain on probably one of the greatest days of these young athletes life..…
New song and video released by Green Day
Loved antiestablishment and hard rock band ,Green Day. Released a new song early this morning on YouTube and it's pretty solid. Hear me out.
The opening of the video is Tre Cool sitting at his drum set saying, " Hey guys, it's Tre Cool from Green Day and I'm going to show you …
My 1st Year Living In Tuscaloosa
Looking back, I was a wanderlust kid living in Wrigglyville, (a neighborhood inside Chicago) working at a classic rock station called, 97.1FM The Drive and working as a bartender/ karaoke host at a real shit hole Irish bar that I secretly adore in Lincoln Park (also another neighborhood inside Chica…
5 Desserts That Are Totally Alabama
Certain desserts describe Alabama to the fullest. I mean, you can taste the southern hospitality and tradition right in the dessert. Here are my top favorite picks.

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