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With some of the most notable staples in Tuscaloosa being shutdown like the Downtown Pub, Willhagans Grille, The Levee and so much more businesses that have thrived in T-town and made it unique for so long. Will things ever be the same without you?

The Downtown Pub brought locals together of all races and backgrounds to sit down at a table, drink beer and play pool, the brotherhood and sisterhood of the Pub will be missed dearly.

The Levee might have been out of my price range for sure but there's only one thing I can say about her. You had the best hushpuppies that I've ever had in my life. You brought joy to my life by just rolling dough and frying it, the simplest things sometimes can make you the most happiest and I want to thank you for making me realize that.

Willhagan's was my joint.. huge selection of beer, pool tables and the most well-rounded staff around with a smile on each one of your beautiful faces. Thank you for always being my friend.

Are things going to be the same? No.

But will we take your spirit and attitude with us on a day to day basis? Yes.

Remember to stay friendly with everyone in a room, enjoy the simple things and smile for no reason.

If there's one thing I want local business owners and managers to know about the huge changes during the pandemic is this:

We have your back and will always support you. 


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