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We can all remember it, going up to your local Taco Bell with the boys with a handful of pennies and nickles shoved in your velcro wallet with the hopes of hitting the orange platform for those delicious and nutritious cinnamon twist and maybe if you're lucky hitting the yellow platform for a big ass burrito and and an extra taco. Oh.... those were the days, but what the hell ever happen to those weird coin spinning, burrito wielding and dealin', twisty-boy givin' game??

I was at Taco Bell in Denver over the weekend and the memory of my favorite childhood game rushed back into my head and it had me thinking -- why did Taco Bell discontinue the most amazing things they had in their fast food restaurants. So Private Investigator Bystrek was on the case. After hours of scrolling through Reddit looking for answers, I learned a lot of kids who were misfortuned in their youth, used and mastered the game to score them and even their family dinner. It's funny how a big chunk of plastic can changes lives.... Pretty touching stuff.

P.I Bystrek doesn't just quit after scrolling through the internet for five hours, he will find you the answer.

And here is the answer -- In 2017, Taco Bell wanted to revamp it's indoor image. They were kinda of outdated if you remember. So thousands of Taco Bell stores got a face lift and the coin game was taken away with the old 90's font and colors.

Rip Coin Game, you will be missed.



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