If you're anything like me, **ESPCIALLY ON MONDAY MORNINGS** if I haven't already picked out what I was going to wear the night before, I will throw on whatever is folded on top of the "clean pile" and run out the door - as was the case this morning.

When I read the title:  "Why Successful Individuals Wear The Same Outfit Daily", I was intrigued.  I am even talking myself into thinking that I purposefully do this every morning because I want to be "so very successful" - Zuckerberg successful, that I grab the first thing I see.   Yeah, that's really not it at all; but, here it is in a nutshell according to John Tierney and MSN, but I'm still going to tell myself otherwise.  ;)

Every decision you make uses up your mental energy. Just the simple act of thinking about whether you should choose A or B will tire you out and reduce your brainpower. This means that the more decisions you have to make throughout the day, the weaker your decision making process will become.

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