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Growing up, I dreamed of working at Disneyland and working on the radio, one career can make you money and the other is complaining behind a mic (no-shame). But it wasn't until the Pixar movie, 'The Incredibles' came out when I was 9 years old - that totally changed my mind about Disney. I remember going to a physical movie theater with my family - getting popcorn and a large coke. I was young - but knew that the animations in the movie were new and absolutely jaw dropping. Coming home, I remember laying in my bed dreaming of being 'Dash' from the film.

After that movie, I knew there was something special about that film. That is why I'm here to lobbying for the amazing animation studio Pixar.

The results showed that Pixar animation is more successful than Disney animation! Pixar has an average critics score of 89% and an audience rating of 82%, while Disney films showed a 80% critics score and a 75% audience score.

The science shows that Pixar is better than Disney.

Suck it, Mickey.

Roll Tide.

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