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About a year ago, a buddy of mine gave me the chance to go a meet and greet with our Mayor Walt Maddox. It was at a Druid City Brewing Company on 15th St. The moment I walked in, I noticed how packed out the bar was. People dying to talk to Walt and waiting their turn. So I waited. After waiting about an hour or so, I had the chance to speak with our Mayor, he was a kind dude, honest and smiley - the type of guy who would look you in the eye when he shakes your hand. We talked about Trump and other things that bothered me at the time.

Personally, I think Walt is a stand up human being. He means no harm to anyone and reminds me of Barrack Obama - kind of like that 'cool dad' politician. But there's one thing I'm starting to notice about our kind and genuine mayor. With someone who is basically ruling over Tuscaloosa, it seems like people are ruling over him. If it's UA or any other entity, I'm starting to think he's trying to appease larger companies and corporations instead his good people of Tuscaloosa.

I'm afraid he's being swung around and being used as a puppet by these entity. If Walt wants to show that he is above that, he has to stand up to them and show that he's a man of people again.

I'm not from here, but I think Tuscaloosa needs a Mayor of the people and not a Mayor of the University of Alabama.

Roll Tide.

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