Western culture has always had the idealistic view of beauty and sometime it can be a stress to live up to those standards. So I shaved my head last night and feel a tad bit more free.

First thing that comes to mind when you see your shaved dome is, 'why did I do this?' second thought I had was "God I need a beer right this moment".

But after taking a shower get to the shavings off my shoulder and back was a introspective experience I've never had before. I realized my hair isn't really whom I am and didn't make me the person who I am really inside. A good friend once told me, be yourself and own the nastiest things about yourself proudly (I think he meant was be your truest self and know yourself well enough to know the flaws in your life).

So I employ to shave your head once in your life to take a good clean look at yourself and your life without your own personal beauty blocking that sight.

If you're already bald, you beat us to the punch, congrats.




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