The timing is amusing, yesterday was National Drink Beer Day, the morning after... National Coffee Day. I've come across places in Tuscaloosa pouring free cups today (September 29)!!

First up, Krispy Kreme! Today (Sept. 29) they're offering not just a small cup of coffee at no charge, they're also tossing in one of their famous glazed doughnuts at no charge.

Over at Dunkin Donuts, celebrate coffee day with a free hot or iced medium dark roast. Plus, this looks really fun, try out the special Snapcat geofilter, only available in their stores!

As for Starbucks, I didn't see anything about a free cup. They did Tweet about being green on this day.

Oh how I love coffee! This affection rolls over into ice cream too, my favorite flavor. Oh, light up a coffee scented candle, and I'm happy. COFFEE!!

Hey, check out my throwback Dunkin' Donuts mug (pictured below). It features their various logos through the years.