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With bars being open and restricted to close at 11PM every night, will live music and bands survive this tough time to stay afloat?

Right before Covid-19, a few new venues/bars opened up here in T-Town and it gave me hope for a growing at wonderful scene of new and already existing groups to flourish to get more gigs and have and get a better following. Nocturnal Tavern in Downtown Tuscaloosa was going to be a cool spot for larger bands to play and get that intimate feeling within a dark and red lit room. Talking to the owners of Nocturnal Tavern, they were really looking forward to actually having bands, comedy, burlesque shows to happen under their roof. Another bar that was going to have some live music was going to be 1225 on The Strip, located at a sweet location for students, live hip-hop and smaller groups would have killed it there, but hope for music to happen in this town isn't completely lost. The newly owned, Druid City Music Hall is going to have twice the complicity and better bans then the old owner had.

Don't give up on live music in Tuscaloosa yet, the rona' might have screwed us out of having a good time, but it cannot take our spirits away. Hang in there, good things are the horizon.

Roll Tide.

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