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I've been here in Tuscaloosa for almost 2 years now and it seemed to fly by. I've been all over from the beaches of Orange to Huntsville and back. But the wildest place in the state has to be The Strip, the hub of debauchery. Bunch of college kids getting blasted and blitzed off of booze and other fun/bad substances. Watching kids on a Saturday night on the strip is as amusing as going to a Cirque du Soleil in Vegas.

One moment I want to share with you happened about 6 months ago -- ready yourself.

It was a Saturday night, went down The Strip to grab a few beers at the comfy and estranged 'Egans' bar. If you haven't been to Egans -- its a very eccentric bar that separates itself from other college-y bars on The Strip. Everyone who goes in there is a weirdo just like me.

Back to the story, I was casually having a beer in the corner of the bar and 5 people walked in dressed up as WWE wrestlers, Spanish luchador style. 3 dudes, two chicks. Head to toe in glittery and shiny material. They walked in super lax and played it off like they were wearing tee shirts and jorts. The confidence they had walking around like that on The Strip is truly a feat. To this day, the sight of the 5 luchadors is engraved in my soul.

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