As we all know, hangovers suck. In high school I was always told to drink orange juice and get some McDonalds breakfast, but times have changed I'm a grown adult with bills to pay and a body to maintain. I've heard of services that come to your house and give you an I.V. with a secret serum that'll make you feel like Nick Saban after winning a natty. But that just sounds expensive (and I don't like needles).

We can go the low road and just drink that forbidden child nectar called, Pedialyte. This stuff is hydrating but taste like Gatorades ugly cousin named Bertha.

Talking to a friend he swears by the new hydration drink that'll perk you up and make you wanna lift, its called BodyAmour.(this is not a paid endorsement).

"A ton of freaking electrolytes and there's 12 different flavors"

My friend is said.

Last but not least there is the ULTIMATE SOUTHERN HANGOVER REMEDY. It's simple, find six dollars and 76 cents and head to your local Waffle House. Get the eggs and waffles with a side of sausage links and thank me later.


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