I was going to share my memories of being a firefighter's wife and how he and others like him were the first on the scene on Cherry Ave in Birmingham or how at the time, we lived in Concord and the tornado lifted and missed our neighborhood.  It then unfairly touched back down three streets over and completely demolished everything.  How my childhood town of Pleasant Grove, was in the path of this monster and just like the souls in Tuscaloosa, Concord and towns along the way, lost so much and many lost everything, including their lives.

We all know this already.  We do, don't we??  Being a firefighter's wife, I say a prayer every time he walks out the door and a thank you prayer when he returns home safely.  That day, just like you, I have never in my life felt more helpless and terrified.  All I COULD do was report, watch, take shelter when the time came, and pray.

What I do want to talk about was how we came together to help people.  How the good in people came out.  There were no class of people.  There was no such thing as race.  There were just people that helped people needing help.  Yes, there were looters; but, there were also people guarding others land or what was left of others homes when they couldn't be there.

THAT'S what I wish to remember.  The good that came out of something terrible.


(My here, my husband, Kevin.)

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