First we see what drinking a coke does to our body in one hour, now bacon? No, don't spoil the love of bacon! Oh, it's a parody. Okay, I'm in.

UK pharmacist Niraj Naik was the one to share the popular Coke graphic. The makers of Bacon Salt have come up with their own graphic showing the not so factual one hour timeline!

Here's a hysterical look at what we may be putting our body through with bacon:

After 10 Minutes: You've become a hungry wolf-person who will fight to the death for every scrap of food in your vicinity.

20 Minutes: Savory, smoky, salty, and slightly sweet flavors hit your tastebuds' and 'register in your brain's pleasure receptors'.

40 Minutes: Self-control wavers when you intended to only eat one strip, but you've consumed three and - disturbingly - only remember eating two. Did you black out?

60 Minutes: Breakfast is ready! There are 6 strips of bacon ready for 5 people, and it's only fair that you get 2 strips since you cooked it all!

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