Back in the day, we would say, "We Get Letters!" But with the emergence of Social Media, Text Messaging, & Email, listeners are able to communicate with us INSTANTLY! Such was the case again last night, during "The Saturday Nite Regrind/W Louie Linguini", here on Star 101.7. I really DO appreciate all the NICE words, that I've been receiving every week during the show. Here is a sampling of last night's comments:

 "I am so glad that we have you back with Saturday nite regrind! My 7 year old daughter was jamming out with me to 'Ice Ice Baby' on our way home tonight!"   Taryn Hoggle   Duncanville, Alabama


"I appreciate that electric slide takes me back to my old SideTrack days... LOL !!"   Randy Boisclair   Tuscaloosa, Alabama


"Thank you soooooo much for that shout out!!! Of course it was another PRICELESS one! You are off the chains tonight!!!!!!!!!"    Lynn Nicholson-Davis   Auburn, Alabama


"101.7 is on point tonight with the old school jams. Making this drive hella fun. lol."    Rachel Marie Cohen   Tuscaloosa, Alabama


Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the nice words! I truly appreciate them! :-)

Much Luv, & Yeah Baby!

Big Noodle Lou

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