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Thanks to our good friends at I found this very informative and powerful story.

3-months ago, on March 15th, Kevin Penn the owner of Star Beverage and Liquor Store was brutally punched in the face by a Decatur Police Officer then was tackled, handcuffed and arrest.

The night started off with Penn calling the police to report a robbery that happened at his liquor shop. Police entered to Penn holding the suspect at gunpoint on the ground, after police apprehended the assailant. Then started walking towards Penn with a hand on their holster. Penn placed his gun on the counter with the magazine in his hand to show that there was no ammunition inside the weapon. Two male officers continued to approach, then one of the officers delivered an over-hand right. Knocking Penn into a daze, a third police officer then tried to contain Mr.Penn.

With a broken jaw, teeth knocked out and a wire to shut his jaw the police have not been accountable for their actions.

If you want to check out the video click below:

The disbelief of this action is unspeakable, the fact he called the police to investigate a burglary then attack the owner of the business that called the police for backup is absolutely ridiculous. 2020 is a year of backward-ness and oddity. People have to see the injustice if you haven't yet.


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