Here’s proof that timing is indeed everything.

A woman from Pasadena, California matched all six numbers in the most recent Powerball drawing, only to discover that she didn’t win because she purchased her ticket too late. Poor woman. Really -- with the amount of money she lost, she really is a poor woman.

Maria Arrobio bought the ticket last Wednesday at a gas station when the prize was “only” $360 million. The next morning, she learned she had matched all six numbers and must've had visions of an early retirement and a new house dancing in her head.

Unfortunately, she found out that she had actually bought her ticket about an hour after the drawing, making her ticket invalid and giving her a sense of disappointment the likes of which most of us will probably never feel.

There was only one winning ticket sold and that person, who bought it in Zephyrhills, Florida, stands to claim a $590.5 million prize.

He or she has 180 days to come forward and you can bet timing won't be a problem with that amount of money on the line.

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