I do not feel safe in my own home.

I used to think I lived in a quiet neighborhood, and I suppose I was too naïve to consider anything to the contrary until I actually became the victim.

Someone broke into my car last night. The person or people responsible didn't take anything but I still feel so violated. Thinking about some stranger's rummaging through my personal space nauseates me. I mean, my car was parked less than 50 feet away from my bedroom window--so while I was sleeping last night, some creep was literally trying to rob me.

Thank God I deadbolted all my doors last night. I mean--what if this criminal decided s/he wanted to rob my house, too? I can't even stand the thought of it, y'all.

This is a reminder to LOCK YOUR DOORS.

Lock your car doors--especially if you have a weapon in your car or anything of value inside.

Lock the door to your house.

I know this all sounds so obvious, but doing this simple thing could literally save your life. Please remember to lock your doors, y'all.

I can't stop thinking about what could have happened to me if I hadn't locked my front door last night. I was alone with no way to really defend myself. Thank God for that deadbolt.

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