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It's that time of the year were students come back into session and get the great education here at UA.

Things to expect for this year are three simple:

  1. Give the incoming students time to adapt to the winning culture here in Tuscaloosa.
  2. Don't let the incoming drunk freshman or underclassmen piss you off. They're lightweights and kooks.
  3. Don't mind the longer wait times at restaurants, bars and establishments.

I was walking by Taco Mama and downtown Tuscaloosa - and saw the most incredible crowd of people that this town hasn't seen in months. COVID-19 has totally destroyed the infrastructure of business here in town. Hopefully, in time more businesses will reopen and future business will pop up for the students and Tuscaloosa locals alike.

With the recent grant money given to owners and workers alike will help busineses stay afloat for the upcoming school year. Which is pretty badass thing Mayor. Walt Maddox did to assist to the city economy (he actually hand delivered these checks - our Mayor is pretty dope I gotta say).

But one thing that can hinder the possible success of this school year could be the possible nonexistence of college sports around the nation. Per Game Day, the city of Tuscaloosa earns $18 Million per game day here in Tuscaloosa on a home game. That's a lot of dough.

Roll Tide.

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