It seems that there are a lot of Eyesores in Tuscaloosa as of late. First, there's the old McFarland Mall, which is set to be rebuilt and ultimately re-named as "Encore Mall". However, last month, I wrote a blog offering my suggestions on "Top 5 Things That Should Be Done With McFarland Mall". In case you missed it, you can read that story HERE

Then there's Skyland Elementary. It's currently 60% demolished, and is set to be rebuilt by Fall 2018, as the "New & Improved" Skyland Elementary School. When the renovations are fully completed, the school will cover about 66,500 square feet, as opposed to the 60,000 square feet the school was previously. The additional space is being added to modernize the structure for larger classrooms, a new media library, special education classrooms, and other purposes.

And then there's a third eyesore that I noticed today while having lunch at Subway across the street. It's the old Locklear's Dodge & Chrysler Car Dealership, (pictured above), located at 10th & Greensboro Avenue. The Structure narrowly escaped being destroyed by the April 27, 2011 Tornado. It did survive the event, but has looked a bit ragged following that storm. No word yet on what will be put up in it's place. But if I had to make an educated guess, it wouldn't surprise me if more Students Apartments were built in it's place. Although, personally, I'd be much happier if we built one of THESE there.....

Photo Courtesy Louie Linguini
Photo Courtesy Louie Linguini

Yes! Tuscaloosa NEEDS a LONG JOHN SILVER'S! We don't have ANY of those anymore, and way too many apartments and condos already!  It's TIME that we got one!


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