Looking back at my childhood, Snow Day's were the quite possibly the best days ever. Parents gone, friends over, Maury on the television. I've compiled the top ten things to do on a Snow Day.

1). Go Sledding. Find a top of a trash can, find a hill and give it a running start.

2).Snow ball war. Please don't throw ice, that's not cool.

3). DIY spa day. Treat yo-self girl.

4).Binge watching TV. Luckily there's a thing called Netflix nowadays.

5).Hot Cocoa. Ever stand outside with a mug of chocolate goodness? Give it a shot.

6).Video game marathon. Invite the friends over and be ready for a 10-hour day.

7).Snow Angels. Cliché, but someone has to do it.

8). Make an igloo. USE STICKS TOO! Having a igloo collapse on you is scary, use other things to support it.

9). Making a snowman. Start big then go smaller.

10). To do NOTHING. A day off is better spent doing nothing sometimes.

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