Watch as this penguin contemplates jumping from a diving board to join friends in the water. What a tough decicion for this poor penguin as seen from the non-stop pacing on and off the diving board. Can you relate to this when you were a kid? I can! Haha. I remember going to this one pool with a skyscraper high board. It must have took me 5 minutes to climb (that high, not that I moved that slow). Once at the top, it felt like it was a mile below my shaking knees down to the water. I jumped and instantly knew what it would be like to jump out a building window, followed by a major splash. Or, more recently, building the nerve to jump in ice cold water. You have to really psyche yourself up for that. Meanwhile, others yell, just jump already!

Any diving board or pool stories? Comment below.

Well, our friend the penguin ends up in the water, but how? Take a look.

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