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Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play, your source for games to check out, no matter what time of day it is. Recently, baseball has begun its long season. As I get older, the game of baseball is just so fun to take in. Especially if you're there in person. But we're not here to talk sports, but sports video games! And since we're in a baseball mood, let's head out to diamond shall we?

This week's game is none other than Super Mega Baseball 2!

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As with many sports games, there isn't much a story mode available to players. But what's available is fantastic nonetheless. The biggest draw of this one is the customization and the personality the game oozes. Each team has a very cartoon like logo, and has strengths and weaknesses, such as team being excellent at pitching, or able to hit the long ball, because as we all know, chicks dig the long ball.

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The players themselves are also very cartoonish and exhibit personalities that you wouldn't normally see in a regular baseball games. Various body types and various stats and moods affect how they each play. For those looking to play a season, you can pick a team and how many games you want to play and you'll be off on your way to win a championship.

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Customization in the game is also just fantastic. You can decide how hard the game is via it's ego system. The higher the ego, the higher the difficulty. You can even create a team! Right now I'm in the middle of creating a team with a bunch of my friends on it.

See you out on the diamond!

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