Do you dip, or do you know someone who dips? Are you trying to quit but you just need some motivation? Well, you're in luck. Because this week is officially, "Through With Chew" week in Alabama.

The Alabama’s Health Department announced the week-long campaign, to hopefully reduce chewing tobacco use, and raise awareness for the negative health effects of dipping. The campaign officially runs from February 18-24.

For those not aware of the hazards of chewing, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, reports that chewing tobacco contains at least 28 chemicals that cause cancer. The center also says that chewing tobacco is just as health hazardous and addictive as cigarettes.

And to assist you in your battle against "The Chew",  The campaign will be running a coaching services hotline, 1-800-Quit-Now (784-8669), weekly from 6 a.m. to midnight. It’s also offering up to eight weeks of free nicotine patches.

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