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I'm born a Husker fan through and through, but living down here for almost two years has made me into a Bama fan. Not full blown, but I support when they play.

With the Big 10 being shutdown for the 2020 season. I have to use my back pocket team (which is no other than the Crimson Tide) and hope they come out on top.

I was having a discussion with Ryan Fowler (who is a fantastic reporter of the team) on the things we would do for Alabama to hoist the national championship trophy this year. It started small with 'Would you wear Auburn clothing for a year to have a UA championship' and things of that sort. After joking around and spitballing things that around it escalated to 'Having Gus take your wife out on a date' to 'licking Nick Sabans left foot'. Which in all replies he said 'yes'.

It goes to show that Alabama fans are the most die hard, superior fans in college football and even the football universe. At the end of the day I ask you, how far would you go for an Alabama title? If you have any great scenarios to ask or be questioned, please leave it in the comment section below, I want to know your sick and twisted mind on how far you would go for a natty.

Roll Tide.

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