So, earlier Today I was having lunch with a friend of mine, when a mutual friend of ours stopped by the table for a bit of small talk. During the course of the conversation, this guy turns and looks at me and says, "Louie Linguini, you have the easiest job in the world! All you do is play music and talk in between songs, how hard can it be?"

I was a bit taken aback at first, but then I thought to myself, "He might be right. "This isn't like I'm out in the middle of summer doing construction or something." Then, I got curious, and decided to do a search on the most stressful job a person could have. What I found was an interesting list on, which they called their: "Top 10 Most Successful Jobs Of 2017."  The results may surprise you. Here were their findings in order.....

1) Enlisted Military Personnel

2) Firefighter

3) Airline Pilot

4) Police Officer

5) Event Coordinator

6) Newspaper Reporter

7) Corporate Executive (Senior)

8) Public Relation Executive

9 Taxi Driver


Yes, I couldn't believe it, either! My job is in The Top 10 List Of Most Stressful Jobs In 2017!

Now, obviously EVERY job comes with a certain amount of stress. But it's nice to know that I now have some sort of bragging rights!

So, the next time someone comes up to me and says, "Linguini, you have a really easy job." I can officially come back with, "Well, if you're not In The Military, A Firefighter, A Pilot, A Police Officer, An Event Coordinator, A Newspaper Reporter, A Senior Corporate Executive, A Public Relations Executive, or A Taxi Driver, then you have no room to talk!"


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