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Ever sat in your shower crying your eyes out? IT'S MY FAVORITE SATURDAY NIGHT PAST TIME.

Who doesn't love a little emo music to cleanse the soul of impurities and bad omens? Growing up, I had a few kids who lived down the road who were big musicians and emo/goth/whatever you want to call it. I was first introduced to My Chemical Romance and so many other 'EMO' groups by these kids and it broadened my music genre from Classic Rock to such an unseen and unheard beautiful masterpiece of disaster and tears.

With learning about this music -- I started wearing black pants, black tee's and beanies on a regular basis. The downside of this phase in my life was getting ridiculed by my so called 'friends' for wearing black, playing guitar and skateboarding. Which is actually perfect because my emo music was their to pick me up. It's like these artists knew how I felt and It helped me through a tough time. Being this sad sack I was, I turned to putting my anger and hatred into the music I played and sadly putting that stress/anger on my family (sorry, Jack).

It's funny how music can get you out of a bad spot in life. Look back to those times and just say 'Thank You' .

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