This song  recently changed my life and gave me a good idea where I am at in my life.

I attended a bonfire for New Years this past month, It was something out of a story tale. I went with two of my favorite people in town and had a absolutely amazing time. Great music, great hippy folks and fantastic spirits.

At one point in the night someone started jamming to this super unknown song that I never heard in my life, I was in awe of how much people knew it at the bonfire/New Years Party (I felt like the odd man out). After the ungodly hangover I had the next day, I had to find the name of this mesmerizing song.

The song represents how much I've changed over the years and how I always lucked out on finding good hearted people with great attitudes on life.

Let's hope 2020 doesn't kick my ass.

"You're the son of that bitch in the wind
Get outta my house
Hit the road"
I kept fallin' like a Rolling Stones song
I'm going straight to hell
Just like my mama said
I'm going straight to hell


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