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There are some things you probably don't need, but god do you want them... Here's a list of five things on Amazon that Tab says you probably maybe need to own for yourself.

1. ULTIMATE SACK 6000 Bean Bag Chair

This worthless beanbag couch might change your life!! Maybe some serious gaming could go down on this or a future mistress could join you on this lovely felt bag of beans.

2. Multifunction Multipurpose MultiTools Multitool Camping Survival Hammer Wood Inlay Handle Metal Portable Multi Tool Outdoor Gadgets Axe

This 20 piece multitool is amazing. Imagine never carrying a tool box again and always having a trusty hatchet by your side at all times!

3. The Original Toilet Night Light Tech Gadget. Fun Bathroom Motion Sensor LED Lighting.

Taking a #2 has never been this stylish ever before. This toilet nightlight will change the game for those late night bathroom runs.

4. Totoro Umbrella LED Night Light Kid's Character Lamp

Do you like anime? If you said yes, then we're friends. This night lamp will make you feel protected by your good friend Totoro.

5. Towallmark Self Stirring Mug Office Coffee Tea Cup Mix Mixing Stir Gag Gift

Are you a lazy pile of garbage? We are too. This self-stirring mug will change the game, no more spoons and no more splashy messes.

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