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Seth Rogen to Play Walter Cronkite in David Gordon Green’s ‘Newsflash‘
Seth Rogen, who stays about half as busy as The Rock (which is still, like, 20 times busier than you’ll ever be), is stepping behind the news desk for his next gig. In what could be a surprising dramatic turn for Rogen the actor, he’s signed on to play the late Walter Cronkite for director David Gordon Green’s Newsflash — which chronicles the evening news host’s coverage of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.
James Franco, Seth Rogen and More Surprise High School Students by Starring in Their Short Film
Seth Rogen and longtime partner Evan Goldberg recently launched And Action!, a new high school program that offers young, aspiring filmmakers the chance to learn the business by making a short film. But it probably never occurred to 17-year-old director Eduardo Cho and his creative collaborator, 16-year-old Kimberly Carrillo, that Rogen himself would actually show up to set — and bring several of his famous friends with him to star in Cho’s short.
Seth Rogen Producing R-Rated Tween Comedy ‘Good Boys’
Seth Rogen is getting back into the teen comedy business — sorry, tween comedy business this time — with Good Boys, a somehow R-rated movie about a bunch of 12-year-old lads juggling their own coming of age with a journey to replace a drone toy before their parents find out they broke it.

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