Son of a Nutcracker, It’s 15 Festive Facts About ‘Elf’!
There’s no consensus on what the best Christmas movie of all-time is, but ‘Elf‘ would have to be up there with the best of them. Released in 2003, the film has gone on to become a bonafide classic, watched as many times over the holidays as ‘A Christmas Story’ or ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. Do you share an affinity for elf culture? Now you can test your ‘Elf’ knowledge with the latest installment of You Think You Know Movies!
Are you ready to take your Merry Christmas to a merry new level? Are you ready to raise the bar with your holiday festivities? You are shaking your head and yelling out yes in glee, right? Okay, then. Here for you is the very un-official chart to create your own 'elf name...