Are you ready to take your Merry Christmas to a merry new level? Are you ready to raise the bar with your holiday festivities? You are shaking your head and yelling out yes in glee, right? Okay, then. Here for you is the very un-official chart to create your own 'elf name.' Yes, you too can celebrate like one of Santa's very best with this holiday statement. Once you have your name, you may need to alert the world, this is what you call me until December 26th... period. Haha.

Here's how it works, take the first letter in your name and match up with a new first elf name. Then, matchup your birth month for your last elf name. Ho, ho, ho, there's your name. I tried it out by matching up 'G' and my birth month of August and the result... Merry Sugar-Socks! Hmm, I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Give it try and comment below with your elf name:


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