Our tree is almost ready for Monday's Grand Opening of the T-Town Tinsel Trail, sponsored by Tuscaloosa's One PlaceI have to make a few more finishing touches, but I'm super psyched to show you a sneak peek of what our special tree looks like this year.

I went out yesterday afternoon to decorate our tree on the T-Town Tinsel Trail, and it wasn't exactly an ideal scenario for getting in to the holiday spirit--it was like 82 degrees outside, and I (like the true idiot I am and will always be) neglected to check the forecast that morning. I was wearing a thick sweater and big black boots.


By the time I finished wrapping two strands of special LED lights around our 8 foot tree, I was ready to pass out. It was equal parts distressing and hilarious. I looked like a hot, sweaty mess trying to hang ornaments on the tree. The Tinsel Trail requires us to use zip ties to secure ornaments (which is really smart--you don't have to worry about your decorations flying off in the wind!), and I kept dropping zip ties on the ground--then I couldn't find the zip ties because they were so tiny and I have the vision of a bat in broad daylight.

ANYWAY--our tree is up, and I love it! The Star 1017 tree features silver and red stars, silver and red ornaments, gold star accents, clear LED lights, and silver and red ribbon. I can't wait to see it once it's finally lit up at the Grand Opening of the Tinsel Trail Monday night--I hope you'll join us for the fun!

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