Mt. Huashan - Shaanxi Province, China

If wooden planks and a chain strung throughout the path is your cup of tea, you're in for a treat!   There's a very nice tea house at the end of the very narrow path which is 7,000 feet above the ground.



Dinner in the Sky -Various locations through out the world

Strap yourself in for a gourmet dinner for you and 21 of your friends, as you dangle 180 feet in the air....from a....crane!   Just remember to go to the restroom BEFORE you're seated.  Once you're strapped in, there's no bathroom breaks.



CN Tower Edgewalk   Toronto, Canada

The last time I visited Toronto I was little, so they did not have this, even if they did, my mother would have quickly and loudly said, "NO!" to my request.  If my little family and I ever go back, I will soooo do this.  Will I let MY little one?  NO!  Funny how that works, huh.



Titlis Cliff Walk -  Engelberg, Switzerland

To say that this is Europe's highest suspension bridge is truly an understatement.  They have many, but THIS one is crazy high - 9,000 feet above sea level high!  Can you just imagine when one of those enormous gales of Swiss Alp winds come rushing through and you're holding on for dear life??   Yoodalayheehoooooooooo.



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Coiling Dragon Cliff-Skywalk    Zhangjaijie, China

You may have seen the videos of tourist that completely freak out and ugly cry because they can't take another step?   THIS is the skywalk.   Glass bottomed, 4,700 feet in the air, 300 feet long, and only five feet wide.   Ugly, ugly, snot induced crying.