If you're wanting to go towards Birmingham or travel to Tuscaloosa from Bhm, you will need to slow down before you get to the Mercedes plant on both the NB and SB sides.   Yesterday alone, I counted 6 troopers handing out tickets.   You may or may not know this, but right there at that exit (the plant exit) the speed limit goes from 70 mph to 55 mph, back to 70 mph.  You'll miss the speed change if you blink.  If you don't know it happens when and where the change happens, BAM (!) they gotcha'!  Everyone knows their regular hiding places behind cement walls and in the brush and we all slow down when we approach - as if we always drive responsibly.  What??  I always do. :)   The thing was/is, they're not IN their normal hiding places.  They were coming out from no where.  I can tell you, it definitely made ME drive the speed limit.  ...not that I don't always drive the speed limit.  What??

Also, I've noticed that they have been allowing people to slide when it comes to the low speed limit through the construction.  Not yesterday.   Were you doing your regular 80 - 85 mph in the 70?  You were sure to get a ticket.  ANYTHING over 70 was being pulled over.

They are out and out with force.  I completely understand.  I want everyone to be safe, but I too, hate the speed trap at the Mercedes Plant. If you know of any more "hiding places" or speed traps, let us know!

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