Kelly Clarkson was live on SiriusXM when she found out she was nominated for a Grammy at the 2017 awards — and her reaction was priceless. The artist is known for being candid, even in front of crowds, so her genuine response was not out of character.

Clarkson found out she was nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance during the Morning Mash Up program. One of the DJs tells Clarkson the news, and she can’t believe it.

“What? What am I nominated for?” she exclaims.

After a second, it dawns on her. “Oh wait! 'Piece by Piece'!" she realizes, turning around to her team to see if they'd been keeping a secret from her. “The live thing? Whaaaaat?!”

The performance in question is one Clarkson gave during American Idol’s farewell season that had everyone in the audience — and likely at home — in tears. The song contrasts her husband, Brandon Blackstock, with her father, who was not around while the superstar was growing up. Clarkson herself got choked up during the emotional delivery, not only due to the subject matter but because of Idol’s last run, knowing the show launched her career over a decade ago.

“Apparently you just have to cry on national television … Apparently people are into that,” she joked with the radio hosts about the nomination.

Clarkson is currently working on a new record with a new label, Atlantic Records. She’s said it will likely be an R&B/soul-influenced release, but that she’s open to other genres — especially country. As for Broadway, Clarkson just recorded a song for the new Hamilton Mixtape, a collection of songs from the hit musical sung by a variety of artists in new ways. The singer contributes her own version of the ballad "It's Quiet Uptown."

Fans can see if Clarkson takes home the trophy for Best Pop Solo Performance on the Grammys on Feb. 12, 2017 on CBS.

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