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I started smoking when I was 15 years old with cigars and hand rolled cigs, I thought it was cool and hip. After packing up and going to college everyone I met smoked so I thought it was totally fine. Now being 25 years old, it has effected my stamina and even my hygiene. Smoking leaves a crappy residue on clothing, walls and even your bed sheets. The thing that I hate most about smoking is the stinky finger smell from the butt of the cig. Now being "5-days clean" of smoking, I'm starting to get less agitated at people. Thank God.

I have been using these nicotine pouches that you slide into your lip (kinda like a dip but no tobacco) -- and surprisingly they are working great. I'm being more productive at work have the great taste of mango in my lip all day.

If you're thinking about dropping that nasty habit, do it. I've lost weight, no longer smell like a ash tray and can run a mile without sounding like a dying old man. Your body is a temple, so treat it that way.

Here are some smoking facts:


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