Sunshine, frozen treats, and vacations are things that remind me of summer. But what does a Tuscaloosa summer look like?

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What do you typically do during summer? Back in 2020, summer looked a lot different than this year. COVID-19 and being in quarantine almost made me forget what summer felt like.

When I first moved to Alabama back at the end of 2019, I remember wanting to experience an Alabama summer. Little did we all know, the Coronavirus would cause us all to miss experiencing a true summer. All I really got to experience was the summer heat. Summer heat with no pool party isn't them ost fun thing in the world.

For all of the native Alabamians, what do you typically do in the summer? Back in Florida, we had waterparks, theme parks, and so much more to do in the summer. I know there's no themeparks, or waterparks in Tuscaloosa, but when is there to do?

The only things I can think to do is go to Orange Beach, take a fishing trip, or just lay out at Snow Hinton park for a picnic or a cookout. Beach trips don't get old, but I'd like to know what the other options are in Tuscaloosa.

So far, if you were to ask me, summers in Tuscaloos consists of taking trips outside of West Alabama, and and going to whatever concert comes to the Tuscaloosa Amp.

Those arent bad option, I just expected more. In your opinion, what does summer in Tuscaloos look like?

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